Sunday, December 27, 2015

Reflections of 2015 {Linky Party}


Only 4 days left of 2015! What better way to celebrate a year of happenings than to link up with 10 of my favorite memories!

On Christmas break last year I decided to take the plung and start this blog! I did a lot of googling and watched a bazillion how-to video to make up for my lack of tech-knowlogy. I still have a lot to learn! It's bean a great way to connect and learn with other amazing teachers!

Things worked out this year for us to do some traveling. We visited friends in Colorado over Easter break. One of our favorite sites was Red Rock.

I knew he was strong but... Wow!
To celebrate me finishing Grad School - let me stop right there! Yahoo!! And now I can forget (once again) how to format a paper APA style and cite sources. *Happy Dance*

Back to what I was saying... To celebrate me finishing Grad School... (and our 3rd wedding anniversary) we planned a summer couples get away trip to Chicago with two friends. It was a packed trip! We did the Chicago City Pass (highly recommend that route) and visited the Shedd Aquarium, Skydeck, Field Museum, Art Institute, Museum of Science + Industry, Navy Pier... plus some fabulous restaurants.

Selfie with Sue at the Field Museum
Later this summer, we visited some family in Western North Dakota and attended the one and only Medora Musical.

 I took a dare this year...

                                     ...to do the Whole 30 challenge. 

It did "change my life" as promised... but not in the "I'm a whole new person with so much energy and happiness!" sort of way. It changed my life in that I had to bring our own "approved" foods to every summer BBQ and I couldn't drink my "fancy" coffee for a WHOLE month! I'm impressed myself with all of the willpower I didn't know I had. I also learned how to make healthier substitutions when cooking. So overall it was worth it... just not an annual thing for me!

When we were back to eating like normal people, my father-in-law taught me how to make Lefse. Something I've been wanting to learn for a while being that my grandma is 100% Norwegian. Lefse was a staple at her house. Keeping the tradition alive!

3rd year is the charm! Finally got around to our wedding scrapbook. Looking back at these pictures...we had no idea what our future would hold. We made a promise for life anyways. Marriage  is one of God's greatest blessings. It's not always easy. It's probably one of the most difficult ventures in life. It takes time, commitment, putting someone above yourself, and giving grace. I am so thankful for a wonderful husband who is always there for me.

This summer my only work was tutoring a few students in reading. (And cooking Whole30 approved meals. Yes, I'm considering that work.) I had a lot of extra time for some hobbies that took a back seat to my grad classes the last 2 years.

I've made several quilts in the past and my scrap bucket was full! Look at the result! I love all of the bright colors and the contrast with the black.

I said goodbye to my '97 Buick LaSabre and hello to this hot ride...
(Ignore the sun-starved legs... early summer pic.) I've never had a new, as in "new, off the lot" car, so this was big moment for me! Cars have changed a lot since '97 - this one doesn't have a cassette tape player! Haha!

The hubs and I joined Bible Study Fellowship (BSF) this year for the study of Revelation. Each week we have a lesson that we do at home and a weekly meeting with other people doing the study. There is also a lecture that a teaching leader presents at the weekly meeting. I love how the first lesson stated "The Bible is not a compilation of unrelated stories; it is one grand story!" We are enjoying learning new truths from God's Word each week.

We sent out Christmas cards for the first time this year. My talented brother took the pics. You would never guess that we took the pics right across from a rest stop on the highway. Haha! A hidden gem of a spot!

I also found a new hobby this year. Paining! I tried out one of those community painting classes with a friend and had a blast! You choose which painting you want to create from their list on the events calendar. They lead you step by step until - viola! I've convinced the hubs to try a class with me over Christmas break.

Be sure to join the link up and share some of your fondest memories from 2015! 

Best Wishes heading into 2016!