Friday, February 13, 2015

Five for Friday!

I'm linking up with Doodle Bugs Teaching to highlight our happenings this week.

It was tea time in our classroom today! We celebrated our Moms with a special Valentine's Tea Party.
We had drinks and treats following a short program. Each student wrote a valentine note of appreciation for their mom.
Love that my class spent their play time to create a welcome sign!

Basket of Valentine letters to read to our moms

Before the guests arrived!

It's always a good day when you don't need to pack a lunch. Today the 5th grade class took orders and made each teacher/staff member a delicious waffle platter - complete with....bacon!!!
As for the picture.... you'll have to use your imagination. You know how it is on a teacher's lunch break! Take a bite. Pee while you chew. Make a quick copy. Shovel the rest in while writing an email.....Who has time to take a picture?!?

We've been talking a lot about inferring during our literacy lessons. This week I decided to make it Valentine themed.... I had a tote full of items about things I love. As I pulled out each "clue" the students had to infer what it was that I loved. I described inferring as using what you see and what you already know to make a good guess. I then had them draw and label some things they love.

 Addition, addition, addition! We are rockin' it! Thanks Mrs. Ricca for the awesome Ten Frame Toss activity idea and printable! It was a great hands on activity and the kiddos loved it!

I just can't resist an art project with pink and purple hearts! Especially one that integrates addition sentences! We created these after reading The Day it Rained Hearts by Felicia Bond. We showed all the different ways to make 10 with two different colored hearts.

Ever wonder what to do with that junk drawer? You know, the one with random puzzle pieces, confiscated toys from "no sharing" standstills, and trinkets you think you "just might be glad you saved one day"? Well, put them to good use - instead of desk drawer purgatory. Toss them in a two bags labeled "statement" and "question". We take turns pulling out items out of each bag and either make a statement or ask a question about it. I've then been modeling their sentences with proper ending marks on chart paper. Yesterday, I had each student write me a question in their journals. Most popular questions: "Can we have more play time?" "Can we have cookies?" Love it!

Now... to reward myself for a busy week with my valentine stash of candy!! Oh, yeah!
Happy Weekend!


  1. May I infer that you like to quilt? I love those fabriccolors!! I also love those chocolate truffle kisses. I have a secret stash in my drawer at school!

    1. You are correct! I love summer because I can lock myself in my sewing room all day!
      I think every teacher has a secret candy drawer - it's a must!

  2. LOVE the activity with the book The day it rained hearts! I will try it in my classroom.

    Thanks for sharing!