Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Roar, Roar, Dinosaur!

We had a "Roar-in" good time last week learning about dinosaurs. Here are a few activities we enjoyed...

How many of our footprints could fit inside of a T-Rex footprint?  39! (We ran out of shoes, so I had to give one up to fill the remaining space.)

Before adding our shoes, we wrote estimates on a piece of chart paper.

Dinosaur Glyphs

I start by showing them two glyphs that I made. (I say that one is my husband's to see if they can interpret them.)

Then we make our own!

I have Mrs. Lee's Kindergarten to thank for many of these wonderful dinosaur activities. Check out her post HERE.

Dinosaur Fossils

I've done these fossils in previous years. I would save used coffee grounds for a few days prior, dry them, and mix up a fossil recipe to cover mini plastic dinos. I would bake them on low heat to harden into "rocks" and then hide them outside for my students to find .We would then take our paleontologist tools (aka: popsicle sticks and paintbrushes) to dig out our fossils.

Model Magic Fossils

This year, I went with "no-prep" fossils. After talking about fossils and how they give paleontologists clues about dinosaurs....

Cool leaf fossil a parent donated to our classroom!
...we made some of our own with Model Magic!

So easy! Roll ball, flatten, press and remove plastic dinosaur. (Let dry a few days. You can even watercolor them for an added touch.)











Dinosaur Bones Diggers Word Game

My class had enjoyed playing this game so much, they asked for it during free choice time. *teacher dance*
I used the four letter words to challenge my students. (I chose pom-poms since they are much easier to clean up than sand or rice.)

Click on the picture to see Marsha's post at A Differentiated Kindergarten with the corresponding FREEBIE

Good Reads

I don't have a picture of the cute easy dinosaur reader my students used to learn the sight words does and may. You can download it free from Hubbard's Cupboard. There are so many other great printable mini books on this site!

Cute opposites book!


Stegosaurus Patterning

We created spike patterns and recorded the "core" pattern.

Big and small,
God made them all!

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