Thursday, January 1, 2015

Bag of Tricks: Fishy Words Game

We've all been there... you finished an activity or story and you have an awkward 5 minutes to fill. Too short to start anything new, but you don't want to waste 5 whole minutes of teaching time!
Here is a quick game to practice sight words that only takes a few minutes - Fishy Words!
I can't remember where I first came across this idea (I'm thinking the Mailbox magazine) but my kids never tire of it and it's a great way to reinforce our sight word recognition skills.

 It's pretty much a version hangman - my students need to figure out my mystery sight word before I finish drawing my (highly artistic) fish.

1) Pick a sight words and draw a line for each letter and a seaweed patch for incorrect letters.
(Sorry about the picture quality...)
2) Call on students to shout out letters. For each incorrect letter guessed, draw it in the seaweed patch and add one part to the fish.

Turns out "has" is not the word I'm thinking of.

3) If they guess the word before you finish drawing Nemo - they win!

The entire class has to shout out the word together to "officially" win the game.

But... if you add the last bubble - you win!

To modify this game to fit with your themes throughout the year, simply change the picture to draw. Instead of a fish you can draw a snowman (Olaf), flower, butterfly, spider, or any other animal your drawing skills can handle. (Remember, kindergarteners will think anything you draw is a masterpiece! They are a great crowd.)

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