Wednesday, December 31, 2014

Life of a Teacher...on Christmas Break

This school year has the longest Christmas break compared to any other year teaching I remember - two weeks! It's amazing what you can accomplish in two weeks! (When I say "can" it doesn't mean I've actually done anything monumental.) Someone at a Christmas party asked, "so what do teachers do on break?"  While she was hoping for a great conversation starter, I'm like... "umm... laundry, closet organizing, sleeping in, dental appointment, oil change..." Haha! It's true!

However, I have found time for some hobbies as well. I tried some new recipes: butternut squash soup for supper one night and these lovely chocolate mousse bowls for Christmas dessert.The balloon dipped in chocolate trick does work!

I'm also hoping to test run a couple of crockpot meals for when school starts up again. For Christmas this year my mom upgraded my "beginner" crockpot (with 4 settings).... to a programmable, heavy duty, crock pot! (My enthusiasm at this gift is undeniable evidence that I have crossed over into adulthood.)

This weekend I found these awesome little gadgets to spice up reading groups...Laser Finger Beams!

I'm always looking for new "pointers" to add to my collection. They are a great incentive for encouraging my students to "track" the print as they read. At the beginning of the year, in my reading group, some  students aren't interested in pointing to each word as they read. (Shocking!) It's funny to see how everyone sits up straight and starts pointing to the words when I bust out my jar of pencils with toppers. I usually start by having them read while pointing with their finger. If I see with my "spy eyes" that they are on task and doing their best, they may pick a pointer.

Enjoy your break! Be refreshed!

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