Friday, March 13, 2015

Five for Friday!

It's time to link up with Doodle Bugs Teaching for 5 randoms from this week.

I thought it would never come!!! But it came! It's fi-i-i-i-nally SPRING! (So this is what it feels like to be happy again!)

We went from below zero temperatures in our weather journals last week to this....

Echos my sentiments exactly.

We leaped into our plant unit this week. We learning about the parts of a plant and the things it needs to grow.

First we read The Tiny Seed by Eric Carl. Gotta have the classics.


The Needs of a Plant YouTube video. (In kindergarten, you always watch music videos twice - the first time you bob your head and the second time you DANCE!)

 Before labeling our own artistic creations, we labeled our anchor chart.

Our hallway looks like a beautiful garden!

Now we are waiting..... and waiting... ever so patiently for our bean seeds to grow. C'mon little seeds. You can do it!

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Does anyone LOVE watercolors as much as I do? While other teachers are like "We better plan use our watercolors before the end of the year." .... I'm like..." I hope these last until the end of the year!"

Watercolors are my favorite art medium to use in the classroom.

This was our Bible enrichment project after our story about Jesus and Nicodemus. Jesus transforms our lives!

My hubby is in luck! My culinary passions have been revived!

Last night I attended the annual Taste of Home Cooking School. I had my fingers crossed hoping to win the demo plate of these cookies. BACON & WALNUT CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES. I know!

No matter! I will make them this weekend - with extra bacon!

Enjoy your weekend!