Friday, March 20, 2015

Hack: Perfect Teacher Gift

I'm frequently asked "What is a good teacher gift?" This is such a difficult question. I'm not the official spokesperson for all teachers. I don't want to offend anyone. Example: for me, cut flowers are a better gift than a potted plant because they are supposed to die...eventually. A potted plant is way too much pressure! I feel like a failure every time one dies.

No pressure!
But when a student gives you something...it's always precious! I'm allergic to apples, but every time a student gives me an apple - I rave! I feel tickled that they thought to give me something. (Then I take the apple home for my hubby.)

But in answering.."What is a good teacher gift?"....let me offer you a suggestion...

A Gift Card Wreath!

One of the parent's in my class had the idea. She collected cards from any families wanting to participate. Then, she wove them into a grapevine wreath. Best. Gift. Ever.

Thoughtful (cards for my favorite places: Starbucks, Maurices, Hobby Lobby), yet I have the freedom to get what I want. (Gift card wreaths don't have to be Christmas themed either. There are wreathes for every season/holiday.)
What are some of the best teacher gifts you've received?

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