Saturday, August 15, 2015

Smart Start: Visual Morning Job Reminders for Students

This year I'm trying something new. In an effort to not have to repeat myself ...

"Hang up your backpack."
"Turn in your folder."
"Did you check your folder to see if there is anything for me inside?"
"If you need a pencil, check the sharpened bucket."
"Get a drink now, because when we are on the rug my answer will be to wait."
"Please start your Welcome Work."

 ... to every student as they enter the classroom. Every. Day.

I created this PowerPoint slide to display on my projector the first several weeks of school. (Or until I feel they've got the morning procedures down pat.) Here's a picture:

I plan to simply point to the picture clues as a reminder of their morning jobs. Sounds like it will work. Right? *fingers crossed*

I've seen teachers make adorable posters with this information (along with pictures of the students doing each of the jobs), but my walls are overloaded already. Our IT guy would joke that my room drove his OCD tenancies crazy! So I'm making an effort to minimize. Hard to do in an elementary classroom!

How do you help reinforce morning procedures in your classroom? I'd love to hear your ideas!

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