Thursday, October 1, 2015

Rhyming King

"I love to rhyme - all the time!"

That is how the Rhyming King introduces himself. The only problem is he's not always very good at rhyming. He needs our class to help him out from time to time.

The Rhyming King gives two words to the class. If both words rhyme (rug, bug), the class gives him a thumbs up. If they don't rhyme (rug, sad), they give him a thumbs down. He will then call on a student to give him a word that does rhyme with the first word. Sometimes we can think of more than one word that rhymes (rug, hug, dug, chug...) This activity is a great way to get everyone involved.

At the beginning of the year... the Rhyming King starts of with some crowd pleasers: "Sit. Stinky feet. Do they rhyme?" Oh, the laughter! (Then he has to tone it down before that one kid starts to roll on the floor. You gotta toe the line between having fun and being totally out of control when you teach Kindergarten!)

As we progress through the year, the Rhyming King gives words that require careful listening (sat, sit) to determine if they rhyme.

Happy Rhyming!

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