Thursday, October 15, 2015

Time Saving Tip: Absent Folders

I am about to share this year's "Time Saving Tip" winner! Absent Folders!

A colleague introduced me to the idea, which is clearly not new (as evidence by the pages and pages of products available on TPT). I had no idea!

Here's how mine work:

If a student is gone, I simply place the folder on their table/desk spot. Each time I pass out something, I either put the worksheet in the left or right pocket depending on whether or not I want the finish product returned upon completion.

You can get these adorable owl folder covers from Noble Resources TPT store HERE.

Before I send it home, I slip in my generic note in and fill in specifics (who and what day to return the items). Then I add a little note "wishing you well", "have a great trip"...

I made a total of three folders since the flu season has been known to take down that many students at one time.

 I'm glad I started using these folders. They have saved me a ton of time already! They make it easy to see what needs to be completed and keeps it separate from all of the other paper I send home with students. I've already used them multiple times since school started. 

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