Sunday, January 17, 2016

Mother's Valentine Tea

Moms are amazing! They are always giving of themselves. Always putting others needs before their own. They are the givers of unconditional love. In kindergarten we throw a mini "Thank-you!" tea for our moms on Valentine's Day.

This is one of my favorite events to host! Not only do mom's deserve a little pampering, but it's a great excuse to baptize our classroom in pink and purple!

Each year on Valentine's day we transform our classroom and invite our moms for a morning tea time.

Right before our moms arrive, we wait outside our classroom to escort them in. Some years I've purchased a bouquet of  flowers so students could hand their mom's a rose or daisy as they arrive.

Earlier in the week we talk about compliments and think of some kind words to bless our moms with when they arrive.

Our glamorized entrance to the tea room
As we wait for all of the moms to arrive, those that have arrived pour themselves a drink and find a seat. 

There is tea, hot cocoa, and pink lemonade to choose from. I also provide apple juice for the students since it looks like real tea. In the invites, each mom was informed to bring a tea cup or mug for them and their child. I always have extras on hand... just in case. :)

The centerpieces are my re-purposed bridesmaid bouquets from my wedding!

At each table spot I have a box of chocolates and a sweet poem for each mom to enjoy. The poem talks about the impact that mothers have in their child's life. You can download the poem for free HERE.

When everyone has arrived (and filled their tea cups), we put on a short little program of a few songs and poems we've practiced in class.

The mom song gets everyone laughing! We just sing the choruses and add actions to some of the verses. (We jazz-bop, head-nod, improve-dance... whatever you want to call it.. to the verses we don't sing along with.)
The very last poem talks about valentines and ends with ...and here is one for YOU! We hold our mom letters for the poem and finish by bringing them to our moms to read.

Each letter has a note and drawing inside. It's so sweet to see all of the students reading them aloud.

We also play a "sweet" getting to know you game. Each mom and child receive a bag of M&Ms and a note that explains the game. For each color M&M they pick out of the bag, they have a question to answer.

 Click on either of the activity directions to download the full game from Over the Big Moon.


(It's much easier to buy individual packs of M&Ms instead of making little bags, but I waited too long and all of the individual bags had transitioned to Valentine colors which wouldn't work for the game. Live and learn!)

After our program, we pass around trays of delicacies to snack on. I usually ask a few weeks before if any moms would be interested in providing treats. Past menus have included mini cheesecakes, fruit and cheese trays, scones, cupcakes, cookies... I let the moms who volunteer have freedom to bring what they wish.

While everyone enjoys their treats, each table takes a turn at mailing their valentines.
I place all of the girl bags on on side of the room and boys on the other to avoid overcrowding.

I usually buy a big pack of paper bags at Hobby Lobby with my 40% off coupon and we decorate them in class. I've never done Valentine boxes. Don't think I ever will. The bags quick, easy to transport home, and I love that they match the rest of the decor. (A little over the top?)

Before the party ends, a school photographer (parent from another classroom) comes to take pictures of each mother/student pair in front of our homemade backdrop. (We painted the hearts during our review lesson on symmetry.) I save the pictures to give families either at conferences or I put them in their end of the year scrapbooks.

As moms leave, they check out our "Hall of Fame".

In the days leading up to our Valentine Tea, I help each student draw a portrait of their mom and fill in an All About Mom questionnaire. It's hilarious to see what some of them will down for their mom's age. 88? (Uhh... I have a few questions.) One year I laughed when a student wrote that the best thing his mom cooks is Ramen Noodles. (Hey! If that's what they like best - don't kill yourself over making a fancy meal!)

The best part is their answer to why their mom is special! *pass the tissues*

I'd love to hear how you celebrate Moms at school each year? Do you stick to Mother's Day or do a whole school event?

I'd also love to hear some of your favorite songs about moms to add to my collection!

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