Friday, January 1, 2016

Ringing in the New Year: 2016 Resolutions

Happy New Year everyone!!  Welcome to January - a fresh beginning; a chance to reflect past memories and set new goals. It's also my favorite month for teaching because it's a boring month as far as events and programs go... no programs to reherse for, no dress-up days, no parties... which means no interrupted learning! It's wonderful! My little kinders come back after Christmas break seeming more like first graders. They are more independent and have a renewed drive to read, read, read!

This link up is hosted by Jayme from TeachTalkInspire and Diana from My Day in K. What better way to kick of a successful 2016 than with some top goals for the year!

To keep it short and sweet, I'd be pretty stoked if I achieved these 3 goals this year...

Be Grateful
I'm committing to having a heart with its default set to thanks. It's so easy to complain or see what I have as let than what I deserve. I have found it takes intentionality to be thankful. I often say It's the thought that counts... but I'd like to put my thankful thoughts into ACTIONS. I want to write a note of thanks to at least one person a month when I think of the blessing they are in my life. I took a small step towards growing and showing thankfulness this Christmas - I didn't leave on the last day of school before break until I had at least 1/2 of my student Thank You notes written. I know myself too well. If I don't do it when I think I should...it won't get done.

Get Moving
I am usually tired after work and gym time is first to be pushed onto the B List. (I should get a tax write off for my gym membership "donation" each month.) I think I'm going to try the 20 minute rule I did at the beginning of the school year. I tell myself I will only work out for a measly 20 minutes... and chances are once the 20 minutes are up its not that hard to stay a few more. It's easier to say yes to 20 minutes than an hour class. My goal is to break a sweat 3 days a week (and in the classroom doesn't count!)

 Learn Something New
This year I've decided I want to learn Sign Language. Why? Well... I think it's important to learn new things simply because it's fun to learn! I've always been fascinated with signing. I've learned bits a pieces through dance, arts camps, and books. I think it's would be cool to integrate some signing into my classroom.

Thanks for reading my top 3 goals for 2016. Join the link up and add some of your own! Best wishes! May 2016 be your best year yet!


  1. I have always wanted to learn Sign Language. Sounds like you have a pretty good list!

    Teaching in Bows Pearls and Glitter

  2. Great goals! I too want to get back to my exercise routine. Haha, I love the idea of the tax donation for my gym dues that have been going unused! I have always thought learning sign language would be so fun. I know how to sign a few songs from church, but that is it. Good luck with all your goals, and may you have a wonderful 2016!

    Luv My Kinders